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Cellcosmet Celllift Cream

Cellcosmet Skincare:

Oh Beauty is excited to announce the addition of Cellcosmet skincare to our range of premium skincare brands.

Cellcosmet is a full range of outstanding skincare formulas that are considered the pillars of cosmetic science. The best part is Cellcosmet brand offers a variety of skincare products for every type of skin. By using the Cell Control method exclusively, Cellcosmet has now been able to give your skin more glow, hydration, and healthy skin. The iconic products from Cellcosmet skincare also contain precious botanical and marine ingredients that are considered a staple for a complete and effective beauty regimen.

What makes Cellcosmet skincare unique?

Cellcosmet skincare has the privilege to use its special Cell Control method in which original formulas are used that deliver cellular potency to your skin, unleashing, revitalizing, and moisturizing powers that uncover the natural radiance of the skin. This method is considered as the beating heart of their cosmetic research which keeps their research exceptional. The Cell Control method is a technological process that captures and preserves the extraordinary power of stabilized cellular extracts. These cellular extracts conserve the revitalizing and moisturizing properties of each skin type and its special needs.

Cellcosmet skincare offers a variety of products that are designed exclusively for every skin type and every skin concern. Having said that, we at Oh Beauty are proudly announcing to stock up some of the amazing products by Cellcosmet skincare.

Cellcosmet Skincare Featured Products:

Cellcosmet Ultra Vital

Ultra Vital:

The lighter formula is rich in structural components that not only nourishes but also provide an extra dose of moisture to the upper most layer of the skin. Enriched with vitamins E and C, the formula fight against free radicals and enhances the youthful radiance of your skin.

Apply each morning to the face and neck after cleansing and toning to get that perfect radiant and toned skin.

Cellcosmet Activator Gel

Activator Gel:

A non-irritant formula packed with the biologically active ingredients of Cellcosmet cellular skincare cosmetics to optimize the receptivity of the epidermis. This activator gel is specially designed for your face and neck to to provide a pleasant sensation of freshness and applied as a pretreatment in your regular skincare routine.

Cellcosmet Active Tonic

Active Tonic:

A non-alcoholic active tonic is specially formulated to prepare the skin to receive the cellular extracts and helps to optimize the action of cellular skincare cosmetics. The formula not only acts as an electrolytic treating tonic lotion but also acts as a real biochemical peeling agent that leaves your skin smooth and satin.

Cellcosmet Anti-Stress Mask

Anti-Stress Mask:

This cream mask is enriched with Liquorice derivatives and oligopeptides from Millet seeds. Liquorice derivative is known for its highly calming and soothing properties that’s why it provides the skin with long lasting softness and comfort. It also brightens and unifies your skin complexion. Oligopeptides from Millet seeds are real stress busters and are known to combat the signs of ageing induced by stress. Other than that, there are some more extracts such as vegetable glycerine, white clays, and orange and rose flower waters present to provide extra hydration, cleansing and softening properties.

Cellcosmet Gentle Cream Cleanser

Gentle Cream Cleanser:

The Gentle Cream Cleanser is the perfect blend of jojoba oil and floral rose water for removing makeup from the face and eyes. This product is designed for all skin types and efficiently works on all skin types especially for people with sensitive skin when applied regularly.

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