Is Medical-grade Skincare Really Better? Find out with Oh Beauty!

There has been a debate going lately about medical-grade skincare products, what this term means, and most importantly which one is better to choose either medical-grade skincare products or mainstream products. To answer all these questions to our customers, we have created this blog post especially for you.

What is medical-grade skincare?

Medical-grade skincare products also known as cosmeceuticals are designed especially to target specific medical skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, or eczema, etc. Cosmeceuticals contain such active ingredients that penetrate deep into the outermost layer of the skin for a dramatic improvement. Examples of these active ingredients are retinol, peptides, or antioxidants. Unlike the other high-end or drugstore products that are showcased in your favorite store, medical-grade products are often prescribed by dermatologists or licensed aestheticians and are not easily available in beauty stores.

Who can use medical-grade products?

Skincare is equally important for everyone either you use drugstore or medical-grade. Usually, dermatologists recommend one should take care of his/her skin after reaching puberty but once you reach your late 20s or early 30s, you should religiously use skincare products according to your skin type. If you have some sort of skin issue then you must consult a skin specialist to avoid any further havoc.

Which one is better; medical-grade or drugstore?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by customers that which skincare line is better. We have enlisted some of the key differences between the two that might help you in this case.

Better quality ingredients:

One of the key differences is medical-grade skincare products are formulated with 99% pure active ingredients as compared to over-the-counter products. We’re not saying that drugstore products don’t have such ingredients, of course, they do have but in lesser concentrations and that’s why they’re not able to affect the skin biologically. Whereas in medical-grade products, the concentrations are highest that leaves a drastic impact on your overall skin health.

Backed by science:

Another main difference is medical-grade products are significantly backed by scientific research and the products are exclusively formulated according to their mechanism and target of action.

Act deeply into the skin:

As we already mentioned, medical-grade products penetrate deeply into the skin layer. When the product reaches to innermost layers of skin, that’s when the real magic happens and you see the amazing results. In the case of drugstore products, due to the low concentration of pure ingredients, the product only sits on the surface and barely penetrates deeper.

Purity and safety regulated by FDA:

A major difference between the two categories is medical-grade skincare products are regulated by FDA and they must have clinical studies and research to back up any claims about their safety and effectiveness. Drugstore products don’t have such research to support their claims.

Prescribed by a medical professional:

Another key difference that we find best is if you want to choose some medical-grade product then you will have a recommendation from a certified medical professional which saves you from the hassle of choosing products.

Pricey but effective:

Medical-grade products are expensive because of the presence of active ingredients. Due to their efficacy, these pricey products still gives you value for money that drugstore products don’t give.

What are the best medical-grade skincare brands?

Everyone wants to have youthful, glowing skin but not everyone is using the right products to achieve that flawless skin. As already discussed the pros of medical-grade products, We at Oh Beauty offers a variety of premium skincare brands like Alastin, Artistic & Co, Cellcosmet, Elta MD, Epionce, Glycolix Elite, Image Skincare, Jan Marini, Neova, Obagi, PCA Skin, Replenix, Revive, Eve Lom, and Valmont. To learn more about why our products are better, read about each beauty brand on our website.


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